Lever Hoists

Lever Hoists

Introducing Whitte Horse Lever Hoist,compact in its design and fitted with Fused Break. We offer a lifetime warranty on it. Lever Hoist is fitted with Grade 100 Galvanized Chain.


Chain Pulley Blocks

Introducing Whitte Horse Chain Pulley Blocks in 2 Models S & C.Both the models are equipped with latest technology. S Model chain block can be fitted with Grade 100 Galvanized chain. All chain blocks are designed keeping the harsh Indian enviorment in mind .


Electric Chain Hoists

Introducing Whitte Horse Chain Electric Hoists,Our hoist defines itself as compact having elegant design.It is light weight in nature having robust construction and technical innovation. Our chain hoists provides an anti-phase protector and limit switch. It is provided in all single speed hoists and trolleys in a standard form, which enhances the safety and durability. Hoist range: 500Kg Hoist, 1 Ton Hoist, 2 Ton Hoist, 3 Ton Hoist, 5 Ton Hoist .


Pulling & Lifting Machine

Introducing Whitte horse Pulling & Lifting Machine(Wire Rope Puller) made of high quality high cast Aluminum body,fitted with Anchor Bots and adjustable rod handle. The machine is Fitted with Usha Martin Galvanized Rope.

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